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My husband and I purchased a brand new vehicle from Bob Rohrman Kia in Schaumburg on April 6, 2013 (2013 Kia Optima).To close the deal, we were offered heating/cooling seats in the front and only heating in the back, which the person who sold us the vehicle has since vouched for repeatedly.

This was explained to us by the salesman as a "package". The salesman himself understood this to be a “package”. In other words, front heated seats came standard with a cooling option, and heated rear seats were part of that package deal. Written on the "I owe, you owe" was "heating".

When we first went to pick up our brand new car, only heating had been done in the front seats. Kia sent the vehicle to a third party vendor who drilled holes in the sides of the seats to put the switches in (the switches were located where they were not visible while sitting.) We explained that we were told heating/cooling in the front and heating in the back. At that time, Kia advised us to keep the loaner vehicle longer and they would send our car back to their vendor. We called several times to check on the status of our vehicle, and at one point, were told by someone in the service department that our vehicle was not in their system because it had already been released back to us.

This was not the case. We then asked to speak with the General Manager who had previously advised us to keep the rental longer so that our car could go back to the vendor. He advised us that our car was with the vendor, and that the reason his service department was not aware of that was because he “didn’t have to tell them anything.” Later that day, I received a phone call from the same individual in the service department who had previously told me that he could not locate my vehicle. He assured me that the work was being done on our car, and that the reason it was taking longer than expected was because they [by “they”, I assume he meant the third party vendor Kia hired to put in the heating/cooling seats] ripped the seat in the back.

A few days later, we were called and told the work had been done, and we could come and pick up our car. Paperwork had to be re-signed because the dealership noticed that they had asked my husband to sign in a place where I was supposed to sign. We re-signed the paperwork, got our car and returned the loaner vehicle. Within a couple days, we were able to locate the tear that the gentleman in the service department had referred to, and also realized that the cooling option was never put into the front seats.

We were called a third time to come in a re-sign paperwork, this time because the bank realized that $2,000 of our down payment had not been applied to the loan. At that time, we advised the sales team there that day that the cooling option had never been put in. We were told that the General Manager who assisted/approved in the sale of our vehicle had been fired, and they apologized for his behavior and demeanor. Once again, we were given a loaner vehicle and our car was returned to the third party vendor.

My husband and I had serious concerns about what exactly was being done to our vehicle. For example, with switches already put in that only addressed the heating factor, were more holes going to have to be drilled into our NEW car? Would the new switches be visible, or would we have to pull over and open the car door to see if the heating light or cooling light was on? We called and spoke with Ross (last name unknown), the Service Department Manager, to address these concerns.

We specifically asked that NO further work be done until it could be explained to us how the new switches were being installed. We did not want more holes drilled into our brand new vehicle without our prior consent. Ross agreed to contact the vendor and get back to me. In the meantime, he had put us in contact with the new General Manager, Mike Meah.

We explained the history to Mr. Meah, and expressed our recent concerns of how the vendor was doing the work and the tear in the back seat. At first, Mr. Meah was reasonable and pleasant, and indicated that he wanted to pull our file and review it before offering a remedy.

The following day, he called me, and his tone had completely changed. In the file, he had found the “I owe, you owe”, which merely indicated “heating”. Mr. Meah was very rude, and indicated that the dealership had already gone “above and beyond”.

We again explained to him what we were told, and how the “heating” package was described to us. That day and the following day, we were in close contact with the individual who sold us the car and Mr. Meah. It was our hope that Mr.

Meah would try to make this right, as we had spent over $26,000 on a NEW vehicle. Two days later, we were called and told that our car had come back from the vendor. This was odd, because we had still not received a return call from Ross indicating HOW the work was being done. This evening (May 14, 2013 – over a month after the car was purchased), my husband and I went to the Bob Rohrman Kia dealership of Schaumburg to meet with Mr.

Meah and inspect our vehicle. He showed us the new heating/cooling switches that had been put in the front, and said that he could not locate the tear we had described. We immediately pointed out the tear, and expressed our disappointment in how the heating/cooling had been re-done. We now have a vehicle that was purchased as BRAND NEW, that had non-working switches on the sides of the seats and a tear in the back seat.

Mr. Meah offered to repair the tear, and explained that nothing could be done about the switches on the sides that no longer served a purpose (he called them “dummy switches”). My husband and I told Mr. Meah that this was unacceptable, and we either wanted our money back, or a vehicle that did not have a tear or unnecessary dummy holes/switches.

Mr. Meah refused to meet either request. He demanded the loaner keys back, told us to take our vehicle and leave. Mr.

Meah ordered 2 other salesman to inspect the loaner vehicle we were given for damage, and to charge our credit card on file if they found anything. He also ordered the salesman to call the police if we tried to leave with the loaner vehicle again, and then he left. We were treated like criminals, and forced to leave with a vehicle that we were not satisfied with. On the way home from the dealership, my husband and I tested to the heating/cooling feature, and when you turn them on, you hear a loud motor.

This was supposed to be simple. We purchased a brand new vehicle, gave Kia $26,000 of our money, and in turn, were promised heating/cooling seats in the front and heating in the back. A month and half later, we now have a vehicle that has dummy switches on the seats, a tear in the back seat, a heating/cooling feature that sounds like a small engine motor when on, and a General Manager who will not fix any of it. The re-sale value of our BRAND NEW car has greatly depreciated because of these factors.

Buying a new car is supposed to be a good feeling and a good experience.

This was not.

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Very poor Dealership to deal with.Won't even put $5.00 of gas in a car we bought there a few years ago.

The car was on empty. Very rude people, not at all as Bob Rohrman Auto Group advertises. I would recommend that everyone stay away from them. They are out to make a big buck on customers and they don't care about customer service.

wanted information from us that they didn't need since we were paying cash.I worked for car dealerships for 20 years and never dealt with people so rude and dishonest.

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